Access Control

Complete Control

The final authority in visitor management

Do you know which visitors have signed in to you facility and where they are going?

Take control over who is on site, and where they are going. Instacom’s Access Control Module is an electronic visitor management system that records all visitors as they arrive, the areas they will be heading into, and logs their visitor ID badge.

What will Instacom Access Control do for me?

Knowing who is on your premises is key in providing the best security possible

  • visitor

    Issue ID Badges

    Assign and issue a Visitor ID badge to all guests for easy identification

  • barcode

    Barcode Scanning

    Scan the visitor ID badge assigned to visitors, and easily sign them out

  • circuits

    Cross Integration

    Easily integrate other modules such as Checklists

  • reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    See patrols and inspections in real time as they are completed

  • automated

    Failure Notification

    Receive daily visitor logs and compile visitor analytics

  • history

    Destinations and Reasons

    Record the location the visitor will be and the reasons for their visit

  • contact

    Contact Information

    Lookup contact information for the visitor when you need to reach out

  • safety

    Improve Health and Safety

    Account for all visitors who are signed in during an evacuation

How does it work?

Replace your sign in sheet and digitize your visitor access logs

Controlling the flow of visitors onto your property is a key part of every Security plan. Knowing who is on site, and where they are going should be at the forefront of your access control process.

Instacom’s Access Control Module allows you to to manage your visitors and contractors by assigning visitor ID badges to them and recording their name and contact information electronically.  When they check in, the locations they will be visiting and the reason for entry is recorded.  This information is kept on file and can be reviewed by staff at any time.

The Access module also allows you to easily gather information on who is signed in during emergency situations.  In the event of a fire alarm or an evacuation alert, you can account for all visitors by comparing who is at your various muster points to the list of signed in visitors. Anyone who is missing can be contacted with via the details gathered when they signed in.

When a visitor leaves, scanning the visitor ID badge automatically signs them out.

Checklists can also be integrated with the Access Module to provide further functionality.  You can account for all equipment that is being brought in, or leaving with a visitor or contractor to ensure nothing is taken that needs to remain.   With this option enabled, you can add NFC tags, additional barcodes, visitor electronic signatures or record license plate details.

With a checklist attached to the entry or exit process, the functionality of Access is greatly increased.  Full customization can be achieved to record all required data for each visitor to your facility.