Employee Clocking

Accurate Timekeeping

On location, and on time

Verifying payroll and billing just got easier with employee timekeeping verification

In today’s busy world, ensuring your billable hours can be time consuming.  Verifying time sheets and responding to questions from clients can be a tedious task.  Instacom Clocking helps take the guess work out of the equation and places power back in your hands.

Employee Clocking Features

Taking employee time sheets to the next level

  • circuits

    Cross Integration

    Integrate Clocking into various 3rd party scheduling software suites

  • automated

    Automated Reporting

    Send clocking reports automatically as employees scan in or out

  • data

    Data Storeage

    Refer to previous dates to verify billing and payroll data for clients and employees

  • nfc

    NFC Scanning

    Require employees to scan both a location NFC point and an employee ID Card

How does it work?

Track your employee's on and off shift times electronically.

With Instacom’s employee clocking technology, you can be sure staff are where they needed to be, when they needed to be.  Clocking is more than just a time keeping module. It’s an evidence based system designed to be the final authority on billing and payroll questions.

As employees arrive on site, require them to scan a Near Field Communication tag which will report the location name.  Employees then scan an NFC enabled employee ID card which documents the name of the employee that has checked in.  As shift changes occur or shifts end, employees then scan out to show the time they ended and the cycle continues.

What makes Clocking so powerful is its ability to settle billing disputes.  Mistakes happen and questions are asked about those billable hours.  When employees have successfully clocked in and out the, answer is obvious. Reduce billing and payroll errors by integrating our Clocking module with your scheduling software for even easier tracking of time.