PC Dispatcher

Centralized Management


Manage your employees safety, easily

Lone worker safety is quickly becoming a focal point within modern business. Tens of thousands of lone workers are abused, attacked or become victims of accidents in North America every year. Manage your lone worker heath and safety requirements to provide the best solution possible.

With the inclusion of Push-to-Locate and Push-to-Alert to Instacom’s suite of services, the PC Client was modified to include state of the art tracking capabilities in addition to its already high tech communication system.  Businesses can now expect the effective communication capabilities of Instacom’s PC Client with the highly effective tracking and monitoring system of the PC Dispatcher.

Managers, supervisors and control rooms can now continuously locate and identify lone workers’ exact whereabouts. They can react to panic alerts, communicate when needed and assist in any way should the need arise.

Push to Alert

Safey First

Time is everything and resources are key in emergency situations.  With Panic and Location Services, you can receive panic alarms directly from your staff in the field.  Hear what is is happening without the employee needing to hold their PTT button, and see exactly where they’re located based on their current GPS position.

With this information, you reduce confusion and take the guessing game out of the equation.  Dispatch Emergency Services and the closest employees to the scene of the incident to provide life saving assistance.

Push to Locate

Verified - Without a Doubt

Mobile location-based services offer numerous benefits, from simplified navigation and locating personnel, to tracking objects.  Provide concrete evidence of previous employee locations to assist with Health and Safety investigations.  Dispatch your closest resources to increase your workforce efficiency, ensuring resources are on the ground in a timely manner.

locate, Verify, dispatch.  Save time, save money, save resources.  Streamline your processes with ease

Push to Message

Secure Messaging

Send secure messages from person to person, or to a group of people.  Push to Message is an unlimited near real time system with without the need for an additional SMS plan.

Unlock your teams potential which saving on your budget.

Communication Recording

Review - Debrief - Improve

Record communication transmissions to improve upon future incident response and emergency management plans. Store all broadcasts indefinitely to use in training sessions, debrief and perform post mortem’s on how incidents were handled, and provide important information to the authorities when required.


Geographically Triggered Alerts

Be alerted every time one of your devices leaves, or enters a geographical area.  Monitor Health and Safety sensitive areas, ensuring they are not entered by un trained employees or contractors.

Geo-Fencing has become one of the go to methods today in protecting and monitoring sensitive areas, and they can quickly become a critical tool in managing day to day operations while minimizing risk.