Digitizing your Operation

Take your reporting even further with checklists

One of the best options for Patrol and Inspection, Incidents, or Access Control.

A powerful integration into your Guard Patrol Management or field reporting workflow. Take the guessing game out of the information that is required and standardize it across the board for all staff so nothing in missed.

What will Instacom Checklists do for me?

When powerful reporting is required, Instacom Checklists provide answers

  • alarm

    Scheduled Reminders

    Automatically push checklists to field staff at pre determined dates and times

  • satelite

    GPS Tagged

    Review where checklists were conducted to ensure accuracy

  • circuits

    Cross Integration

    Integrate with Patrol and Inspection, Incidents and Access Control

  • nfc

    NFC Point Scanning

    Scan each critical area to ensure inspections have been completed

  • nested

    Nested Tasks

    Redirect staff into specific tasks when specific NFC tags have been read

  • reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    See patrols and inspections in real time as they are completed

  • automated

    Automated Reporting

    Send completed reports automatically upon completion

  • automated

    Failure Notification

    Receive instant notification on incomplete patrols and inspections

  • data

    Data Storeage

    Refer back and follow up on previous reports proactively

How does it work?

We combine NFC Technology with scheduled tasks and process automation

Integrated checklists provide additional value to Incident Reports, Access Control or Patrol and Inspections.  With the ability to deploy checklists to staff in the field at the push of a button, you can provide additional functionality to your instant reporting.

When used in combination with Patrol and Inspection, Checklists can be triggered when a Near Field Communication tag is scanned.  Staff are then walked through additional steps to record specific data that has been requested.

When field staff are completing an incident report, Checklists ensure no information is left out.  Once the report is submitted, a Checklist will require pre determined critical information be added based on which incident report report was completed.

In the case of Access Control, you can ensure staff remember to check for property being removed, confirm visitor passes are retrieved, list any items that were retuned upon exit, and anything else you wan’t to ensure is recorded.

Our Checklists are a very powerful tool that can also be used as a standalone option.

When used on their own, Checklists can replace your current paper based processes. For example, staff can complete vehicle inspections and maintenance checks, record the state of all safety equipment on hand, complete detailed Health and Safety Inspections or confirm the presence of required assets.

Anywhere checklists will be needed, Instacom has you covered with a highly customizable and fully integrated service that makes the traditional pen and paper process look archaic.

With conditional routing, Instacom turns a standard checklist into a smart list when a specific answer is given, notifying select personnel of any deficiencies that are found for immediate follow up.