Patrol & Inspection

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Modern Patrol and Inspection Solutions

The right tool for the job. Level up your patrols and inspection rounds while also providing instant reporting notifications.

Take the guess work out of your staff’s hands.  Instacom’s Patrol and Inspection solution will provide value in your services by ensuring all required patrol and inspection’s were conducted while recording the critical information needed for verification, including GPS location data.  Schedule patrols to be conducted at any interval and instantly send the results to those who need to know.

What does Instacom Patrol & Inspection do?

The face of Guard Patrol Management and Field Inspections is changing

  • alarm

    Scheduled Reminders

    Automatically push notifications to field staff for patrols

  • nfc

    NFC Point Scanning

    Scan each critical area to ensure inspections have been completed

  • satelite

    GPS Tagged

    See the location of tag NFC tag that was tapped along the inspection route

  • circuits

    Cross Integration

    Easily integrate other modules such as Checklists into patrols

  • nested

    Nested Tasks

    Redirect staff into specific tasks when specific NFC tags have been read

  • reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    See patrols and inspections in real time as they are conducted

  • automated

    Automated Reporting

    Send reports automatically upon completion

  • automated

    Failure Notification

    Receive instant notification on incomplete patrols and inspections

  • data

    Data Storeage

    Refer back and follow up on previous reports proactively

How does it work?

We combine NFC Technology with scheduled tasks and process automation

Instacom has a unique way of setting up your guard patrol management system, and field inspections. Our technology provides you with the ability to create a comprehensive customized patrol or inspection route by placing Near Field Communication (NFC) tags strategically around a facility.  As staff pass by those tags, the NFC tags are scanned by using a mobile phone which captures the date, time, and GPS location of the tag.  These inspections can be setup to be conducted in a specific order, or randomly as the employee decides to conduct it.

Once the patrol or inspection has been completed, a report of all locations visited is generated and sent to the appropriate person.  These reports can be sent to one, or multiple people for review and follow up.

In the event a patrol is missed or not fully completed, then a second report can be sent out stating what was missed.

In many cases recording NFC tags along a route isn’t always enough.  Some times additional, more detailed context is required.  For example, a sensitive room may need to be checked or documented to ensure temperatures are within a specific range, or you may require a head count and manes of people remaining within an area.  Not a problem!

Instacom provides you with the ability to add nested tasks which are triggered when designated NFC tags are scanned, forcing the employee to record additional data.  Submit photos, add a written statement, check inventory against a master list, note down occupant names or record audio.

Once a nested task is complete the employee is pushed right back into the patrol and inspection route to carry on.  All information is logged for review by senior staff or other departments and emailed to the appropriate personnel.