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Mission Critical Communication


What is Mission Critical Communication?

Mission Critical Communication (MCC) is an international 2 way push to talk communications service for companies that can’t afford down time. With Instacom MCC, you can communicate with as many as 3000 people in a single broadcast, or as few as one, regardless of where they are in the world.

Instacom’s Mission Critical Communication PTT Network operates similar to traditional 2 way radios.  Any broadcast on the network can be made on a one to one basis, or one-to-many.  Unlike traditional radios though, our Push to Talk Network allows you to also communicate globally instead of only when in a pre defined repeater network area, or line of sight.

Push-to-Talk allows instant two way voice communication to all mobile users on the network,  allowing your staff to focus on the core job at hand while being supported by highly stable, reliable and endless communication.

Instacom’s Push-to-Talk is a simple and effective tool that can be run on almost every modern smartphone available on the market, at a rate cheaper than your average trunking system. This reduces overhead costs and the need for additional mobile radios should users already have a compatible handset. Instacom’s devices can also be utilized as regular mobile phones. There is no need to carry both a mobile phone and radio devices.

Clients Globally


Clients Globally
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Products Deployed
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Focused Industries
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Global reach
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Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Push to Talk

    Communicate globally with one person, a group of people, or your entire company with the single press of a button. From device to device, PC to device, or device to PC.  One to one, or one to many.

  • Instant Messaging

    Send secure text messages to users on your group with ease.  Dispatch alarms, employees or send work order information to staff in the field without the need for an SMS package.

  • Panic Alarms

    Receive panic alarms from field staff, including GPS locations and a list of the closest employees to the user.  Hear what is occurring without the user holding down their PTT button

  • GPS Locations

    Easily find the location of your staff, or their devices to increase efficiency and dispatch the closest unit. Reduce wasted time, and provide faster assistance when needed.

  • PC Dispatcher

    Manage all users from a single desktop console, and communicate directly from your web browser.  Reach up to 3000 users in a single broadcast, and record all critical transmissions.

  • Geo-fencing

    Get instant alerts when a device enters or leaves a defined area.  Create a virtual geographic boundary to trigger health and safety alerts when unsafe areas are entered.

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Mission Critical Communications features

  • pttradio

    Push to Talk

    Push to Talk Radio service for global communication, wherever cellular data services or WIFI signals are available

  • im

    Instant Messaging

    Secure instant messaging takes your dispatching one step ahead of the competition

  • iconfinder_emergency__light__police__ambulance_2542067

    Panic Alarms

    Instant notification when an employee is in need of assistance.  Hear whats going on at their location, and dispatch assistance with ease

  • satelite-1

    GPS Tracking

    Maximize efficiency with GPS enabled devices to assist with locating staff, and dispatching

  • dispatcher

    PC Dispatcher

    Monitor your entire company from a single PC console.  View staff locations, position history and broadcast easily from your console

  • fence2


    Ensure devices or staff don’t enter or leave a defied area.  Receive instant notification of violations


Instacom Mission Critical Communication vs Traditional Radios

Feature2 Way RadioTrunked RadioInstacom MCC PTT
Instant Communication
Low Cost
Central Dispatch
One-to-Many Communication
Signed In User List
Status Updates
WIFI Compatible
Built in Security
Voice Communication
Multiple Operating GSM Systems
Easy Deployment
Coast to Coast Coverage
National / International Coverage
Low / No Maintenance
Coverage increase by 10,000+ towers Annually
Number of Coverage TowersN/AUnknown400,000 +