Incident Reporting

Accurate & Detailed

Incident Reports that impress the masses

Incident Reports quite often leave out important details. Use the right tools to ensure nothing is ever missed again.

Everyone writes an incident report differently.  The information they contain can vary from person to person, and key details can often be overlooked and left out.  Take back control of your incident reporting and standardize the your workflow for all employees.  With Instacom Incident Reporting your employees can write their reports with ease, being prompted for key details that you want included.

What Can Instacom Incident Reports include?

Powerful and detailed Incident Reports start with the proper information.

  • camera

    Scene Photographs

    Include photos of damage, injuries, or evidence taken from the incident

  • audio

    Audio Notes

    Attach audio from people speaking or mechanical noises to your reports

  • satelite

    GPS Tagged

    Confirm the exact location an incident occurred with GPS tagging

  • circuits

    Cross Integration

    Easily integrate into other modules such as Checklists or patrol & Inspections

  • nested

    Nested Tasks

    After completing the written portion of a report, force employees to include custom data

  • automated

    Automated Reporting

    Send completed reports automatically upon completion

  • data

    Data Storeage

    Refer back and follow up on previous reports proactively

  • progress

    Follow Up Progress

    Review the progress of investigations and where they are sitting.

  • attachment

    Attach Documents

    Add your follow up documents to the original incident report for future follow ups

How does it work?

We take traditional paper based incident reporting across the finish line.

Take your current incident reports and supercharge them.  Instacom provides the tools to allow your staff to write electronic incident reports that include the details on what occurred, the GPS location on where it occurred, and voice notes.  Once the report has been completed, it is sent to the appropriate person for review and follow up .

All reports are submitted as New.  As the investigation progresses, you can change a reports status to In Progress, and once everything has wrapped up, the file is marked as Completed.

Securely store all of your follow up and investigation reports alongside the original report for a clean, easy to manage system and refer back to any previous report when needed.

We can also take your Incident reporting system one step further by attaching checklists to any incident report.  When a critical details are required, the report author will be prompted to add addition information that you specify such party names, additional photos, date and time selection or anything else you may want to have included.

When Checklists are integrated with an Incident report, the information becomes an important asset for liability mitigation, follow ups become easier, and you can rest assured nothing is missing.

Stop worrying about what may be left out, and start moving forward with your reporting.