Telus and Instacom have partnered up!

Instacom is proud to announce a partnership with TELUS Communications Inc

Instacom Communication Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce we have entered into a partnership with TELUS Communications Inc. to bring electronic field reporting to employees working from out-of-office environments and in remote locations. This partnership will help businesses complete and electronically file reports on inspections, checklists, incidents, and employee time-keeping, from wherever they may be working. Instacom’s services will provide instant notifications of submitted reports for follow-up, storage, or investigation, saving time and money. When paired with the wide range of TELUS solutions, this partnership will help businesses across Canada to transition to a paperless, contactless environment, and assist with social distancing in today’s COVID-19 world.

With users all over the world, Instacom is a leader in digital field reporting and two-way mission-critical push to talk communications, serving industries such as private security, logistics, government, public safety, and property management.

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